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Since I started writing poetry, 33yrs ago, (I’m getting old!), I have always enjoyed writing my serious, long ‘epic’ pieces. They give me plenty to get my teeth into and lots of room to move around and explore the emotions, moods and the subject matter more fully; to suggest or describe the characters to a certain degree and their back-story.

I always try to make these pieces as real as possible by attempting to put myself in the mind of the people who are actually going through whatever the subject is; to feel what they would be feeling and try to express it in my words.



Some of my regular readers, (and even newer ones), have told me on many occasions that they prefer these pieces more than my lighter, more whimsical or even romantic ones. They like them because they can be very deep, foreboding, thought provoking, prophetic even but overall, ‘dark’. Maybe, because they are usually based on real life events or issues, they can relate to them or even help them through a rough period in their lives. Whatever it is, they like them.

I have also always tried to write in a language that I feel, (hope), that most readers can understand and appreciate. I am not in the habit of using fancy words for the sake of impressing the more ‘learned’ poetry buffs out there. I use basic everyday words in a creative and suggestive way and this style seems to work fine.



I tell it like it is, no holds barred, cutting through the BS as the saying goes. I’ve always been a great believer in calling a spade a spade. I think the insidious, malevolent creature that is Political Correctness is the bane of the 21st century western world and is, above all else, the thing most holding back the advance the modern day society. As such, my poems could never be called ‘PC’ and to be honest I would re-write them if I thought they were.



Some of the subjects I have covered are quite controversial in that they are about current affairs and issues like what comes out of, in a steady and revolting stream, the halls of deceit and debauchery that we so laughingly call government and its various policies, lies and all manner of other unmentionable ‘things’ that go on behind their closed ranks
and doors. This has never scared me away, in fact I think that is another of the secret ingredients of why these pieces are so popular, they have a habit of saying what the readers are also thinking about the subject and so, again, they can relate to it and get on board.

As with most things there are the negatives and I suppose the one issue with my epics is that they can grow quite long which I think can put some people off. I have even received comments about the length of some of them. Its not like I deliberately set out to write a long poem, they just seem to evolve into what could, more accurately, be described as a short story that is poetic in it’s structure and rhyme.



I have tried to keep them short and even attempted to cut some of my long ones down to a more palatable size but they end up, in my opinion, losing something other than length, they lose substance and the feel that the original had. I always end up returning to the original version.

If this upsets some of my readers and they, (as I imagine they do), take one look at the length and say “Bugger That! Aint nobody got time for that…” then unfortunately that’s the way it has to be. I’ve always maintained that, in life and especially in my writing, I have to be true to myself and I will not put a poem or book out there until I am personally happy with it.

If that means it is two or three pages long then so be it.

As long as there are people out there who read my poems, (and books), and enjoy them or are touched by them in some way or other, then I will happily continue to write them.


Darren Scanlon 14th March 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon was born in 1965 and still lives in Lancashire in the English Northwest.

A typical 'northern lad', his ‘tell it like it is’, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humour and writing style have earned him 5 Star Ratings on Amazon.

His poetry, which he has been writing since the age of 16, is published on many websites including Write Here and High On Poems where he has recieved great reviews:

"We at High On Poems are blessed to have found such a treasure as you in our midst. Your poetry is thought provoking and shakes one up. You obviously are a powerful wielder of words!"

His work to date includes:

Hey Up, Matron! His debut novel which is a laugh-out-loud, roller-coaster ride through a day in the life of a NHS hospital ward from the point of view of the long-suffering patients and based on his own real-life experiences.

Broken Angel and Broken Wings. The first two books into his gritty crime/gangster thriller Danny Roberts Series.

Positively Poetic Vol’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. Four volumes into his on-going poetry collections.

A Mouse’s Tale. An illustrated children’s novel, (based on one of his own poems of the same name).

Alphabet Zoo. An illustrated children’s educational ABC book.

He is currently working on his latest novel, book 3 of Danny Roberts thriller series.

Future projects include, Way Back When, which is a comical look at childhood and how things have change, (not necessarily for the better), between the ‘now’ and back in the 1970’s when he was a lad.

Also an illustrated children’s poetry collection and another illustrated ABC book.

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