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This evening I have found some time to sit and write this update on my current progress. Some might say I have found a little free time. I may well have, but what does a writer do with this free time? Ahh Yes…find something to write about of course!

So how have I done over this past year?

Very well as it happens; I say ‘as it happens’ because the stage which I am now at has absolutely no bearing whatsoever with the carefully laid out plans that I put in place at the beginning of last year!

Back then the idea was to finish a novel I am writing (working title Lucky?) and have all the research and planning completed for another book.

Current situation….The ‘other book’ has been relegated to ‘the back burner’, while Lucky? Is about one third of first draft! So what on earth you may ask, allows me to say that this year I have done very well?

The reason is I am always very busy. I freelance narrative brand writing to pay my way, so that my fiction, books and blogs are really ‘spare time’ activities, therefore I have to be flexible and fluid regarding this writing.

  • I have however published an eBook called Miriam’s Hex, (a black comedy of greed and latent curses)
  • Published a second book of poetry titled Teardrops & White Doves, listed here on Promocave. (as are my other books)
  • Created the online magazine Rambling Away which is dedicated to the promotion of the arts, such as writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, handcrafted jewellery and watches. In fact anything artistic or artisan.
  • I also launched an internet book promotion site Sneak Peek in November where readers can read excerpts from books before they decide to purchase them (or not)! Sneak Peek is quickly gaining favour and momentum.
  • Also I have a manuscript with a literary agent based in Florida. This is an anthology of my time with both civilians and military personnel, who have spent time and lived in areas of conflict. In ‘Life in the WarZone’ they tell their tales of how war has affected their lives, their families and communities and how ‘coming home’ is never truly how it is perceived.
  • During this time I have continued to write my three Blogs, Ramblings from a Writers Mind, Further Ramblings and A Little more Fiction.


Although I have not yet completed the novel, which I started out to do this time last year, I have accomplished many other things during that time.


One year from now?


Well, maybe I shall complete Lucky?, publish an anthology of short stories & flash fiction, start working on the three other books I have rough drafts of and….and….Things change, life changes, we change. So I am happy to let natural processes take their intended course.


I think it best if I just let the winds of chance and opportunity guide me onwards to my destiny.


Thank you for reading this, Paul White.


Paul White
I am a novelist, poet, short story and article writer, I also have a number of Blogs.

My fiction writing covers various genres and topics including, life, love, emotions, depression, trauma, suspense, sex, romance, social and world issues.
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