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Reviewed 5/5/2015: By: Grant Leishman

This particular book, The Eden Plague,  is subtitled (Plague Wars Series – Book 0). It is the first in a series of books, by the author, under this scenario, which is made up of: The Eden Plague, Reaper’s Run, Skull’s Shadows, Eden’s Exodus, Apocalypse Austin, The Demon Plagues, The Reaper Plague, The Orion Plague, Cyborg Strike and Comes the Destroyer.
Clearly a prolific author Mr VanDyke has also penned the Stellar Conquest Series of five books, as well as authoring The Californian PI Mystery Series under the pen name D D VanDyke.
The Eden Plague is published by Reaper Press, with the Kindle version, which I read, coming in at just over 300 pages. It was available for download from Kindle for free, and at last check was still available for free.


Although I suspect there will be a greater element of Science Fiction in the future books in the series (judging by what I’ve seen), this particular story was less Science Fiction and more just a somewhat untypical love story hung on a plot that involved Special Forces soldiers and a shadowy Government that wants to keep a lid on a fantastic discovery.
Ex Special Forces veteran Daniel Markis is attacked by a mystery woman in his home, but when he discovers it is an attempt to recruit him by the Company he sets out to find out exactly what is going on. Calling in his markers with his fellow veterans they form a team to try and solve the mystery.


What follows is an action-packed adventure that revolves around the possibly inappropriately named, Eden Plague (almost the elixir of life). The novel raises some interesting questions about individual morality, the public’s right to know, Government control, and whether the end justifies the means. It is fast moving, exciting and certainly has the odd twist or two thrown in for good measure.
As the prequel to a series of nine other books, it does its job well in creating excitement and anticipation of the books to come in the series. I read it in virtually one sitting, which is always a good sign that I found it riveting. I identified well with the characters, especially the two main protagonists; Daniel and Elise. Although it was clear early on that the romantic relationship between them was more a question of when than it was of if, their blossoming love affair still gave the book a softer side away from the rough, tough veterans of the Special Forces.
I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a good, relaxing read that requires little deep thought but still challenges, and allows one to escape from the realities of the day. It is well written and easy to read. A definite four and a half stars on my scale.


The true test of a prequel such as this I suppose is did it make me want to continue reading the rest of the series – the answer to that question is a big: YES!
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Grant Leishman
I am an expatriate New Zealander living in Manila, The Philippines, with my wife and two step-daughters. At age 55, after careers in Finance and Journalism, I have finally discovered my true passion in life - writing and I am now truly "living the dream", writing full-time.

My first novel is a romantic fantasy about the return of Jesus Christ to modern day Manila to try and sort out the problems of the world - yet again! It was published in June 2015. My second novel "Just a Drop in the Ocean" is completed and should be published later in 2015. The sequel to "The Second Coming" - "The Rise of the AntiChrist" is now with the publishers. I am working on third and final book in the series "Holy War"
  1. David VanDyke 3 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words, Grant! Glad you enjoyed Eden Plague. And as always, review e-copies of all my books are available free. Just contact me by any method and I’ll send you the book you want to review.


    • Author
      Grant Leishman 3 years ago

      It’s was an excellent read David, so it was my pleasure.

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