There’s a bench in the park where an old couple sit

holding hands and laughing as the children play and flit

about on the swings and slides with boundless joy,

inciting memories of when they were girl and boy.

The antics of the kids so full of life and carefree bliss,

their lives laid out before them on paths that time would kiss.


They’ve been sitting on that bench for as long as I can remember

but the years have not been kind and their shadows grow much longer.

Remembering the days when they would play and lark about

but now its all they can do to watch the kids scream and shout.


Just keeping to themselves, though they always have a smile

for anyone who greets them in likewise style.




There’s a bench in the park where an old man sighs

as the lines on his face tell of painful goodbyes.

He remembers the warmth of her loving smile

and the twinkle in her eyes that would always beguile.

He’s holding her hand through time’s hazy mist,

she can still warm his heart, a heat he’ll always miss.


Long years have passed, too many winters he has seen,

the snows giving way to the splendour of spring’s green

but the frost’s seem to linger so much longer these days,

the cold bitter winds pushing well into May.


Just keeping to himself, never meaning any harm,

his tender smile still so full of charm.




There’s a bench in the park where an old man used to lie,

he never bothered anybody, just watched the world go by

but the bench has grown barren, the wood damp and cold,

the joints a little loose, showing signs of getting old.

The children often glance across at the bench and say,

“Where is the old man and will he be back one day?”


Then they’d run off and play with their friends on the swings

until it was time to go home; to pack up all their things.

A glance, in sadness, at the lonely old bench

as onto caring hands they would lovingly clench.


The park grows quiet for another lonely night,

waiting for the dawns bright warming light.




There’s a bench in the park where an old couple laughed

over many long years until the day that they passed.

Now the shadow and the memory of their long happy days

are etched upon a fading plaque under a sunset’s lazy gaze.

The children, now much older and with kids of their own,

remember the smiles and the love they had shown.


The old bench was replaced with a sturdy looking seat

but even that is showing signs of long days in the heat.

But the smiles and the warmth can be felt unto this day

as, in the minds of those they knew, they smile and give a wave.


The plaque they placed upon the bench in the park,

where so much love had been and left its mark,













Written by Darren Scanlon, 23rd April 2015.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.


Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon was born in 1965 and still lives in Lancashire in the English Northwest.

A typical 'northern lad', his ‘tell it like it is’, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humour and writing style have earned him 5 Star Ratings on Amazon.

His poetry, which he has been writing since the age of 16, is published on many websites including Write Here and High On Poems where he has recieved great reviews:

"We at High On Poems are blessed to have found such a treasure as you in our midst. Your poetry is thought provoking and shakes one up. You obviously are a powerful wielder of words!"

His work to date includes:

Hey Up, Matron! His debut novel which is a laugh-out-loud, roller-coaster ride through a day in the life of a NHS hospital ward from the point of view of the long-suffering patients and based on his own real-life experiences.

Broken Angel and Broken Wings. The first two books into his gritty crime/gangster thriller Danny Roberts Series.

Positively Poetic Vol’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. Four volumes into his on-going poetry collections.

A Mouse’s Tale. An illustrated children’s novel, (based on one of his own poems of the same name).

Alphabet Zoo. An illustrated children’s educational ABC book.

He is currently working on his latest novel, book 3 of Danny Roberts thriller series.

Future projects include, Way Back When, which is a comical look at childhood and how things have change, (not necessarily for the better), between the ‘now’ and back in the 1970’s when he was a lad.

Also an illustrated children’s poetry collection and another illustrated ABC book.
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