Political Corruption

 Political Corruption


There are five main elements to the plots of my novels, political corruption, big oil, fusion energy, conspiracy, and high tech computer gadgetry.

Today I will start on a new element of both of my novels, political corruption. I will be brief. Not that there isn’t enough corruption to fill a library, but rather, I don’t want to start sounding like a rant, or some uni-bomber with a manifesto. As anyone with a firing neuron between the ears can attest, the government is full of corruption. I have no love of politicians. Especially at the federal level.

Let me begin with, corruption is a close friend of all parties (D’s, R’s, & I’s). It has no favorites.

This discussion requires that the reader be open minded, objective, and ask honest, hard, pointed questions, and demand full honest answers of all parties. These days, those two concepts seem to be mutually exclusive. When’s the last time a reporter had the guts to ask a hard pointed question and got a full honest answer from a politician? It wasn’t on TV I assure you.


In the late 1920’s (1929 I think) we had black Friday. The stock market crashed. In the early1930’s (1933 I think) congress had figured out what caused the crash (Basically personal banking and investment banking got mixed.) and passed a law designed to prevent Black Friday from ever happening again, the Glass-Steagall Act. Though not perfect, it holds up to the test of time. There were a few hiccups, but mostly Glass-Steagall does what it was intended to do.

In 1999 another congress repeals the Glass-Steagall Act. (I have no memory of it being reported in the news. Why?) Not much happens immediately. The next administration comes in. They have to know about the repeal. At least they should have. They do nothing about it. Why? They just sat by and watched as the financial world crumbled.

It was during the second term of the next administration that things fall apart. Some news reports called it the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. We’re talking trillions of dollars. If you were an adult in 2008 and still living today, then you remember.

I have some pointed questions:

Why did they repeal the law in the first place?

Why wasn’t it reported in the news?

Why didn’t the next administration say anything, do anything about it?

Why didn’t they insure that investment banking and personal banking remained separate?

Was this just an innocent mistake?

Who benefited?

Who is still benefiting?

Who failed?

With that kind of money at stake:

Who out there thinks that this was just an accident?

Do we think that the politicians (The President for one!) signed that bill for free?

Where did the money go? Who did the money go to?

Why did Nancy Pelosi say, “Pass the bill first THEN read it”? (for the Obama Care bill)

Were there similar comments when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed?

Why aren’t politicians subject to the same laws that they pass for us?

This is where it would be nice to know which politicians have foreign bank accounts, and who is making contributions to them, and how much. Someone knows. NSA and CIA should know. If they don’t then why not? If they do know, why aren’t they saying anything? (Remember my discussion about Quantum computing?)

Where are the vicious, junk yard dog, investigative journalists of the day when they took down Richard Nixon, and Gary Hart? If you watch the news with an objective, critical mind, it’s easy to see that the journalists of today are subservient to the politicians. The journalists don’t dare ask a pointed question.

It is a given that this country is in a mess.

It is a given that modern day politicians (all the D’s, R’s & I’s) got us into this mess.

It is a given that there is no ‘High Road’. It is a deserted, dusty, relic of days gone by. It is vapant.

Why do we keep going to the polls with our hands out?

When will politicians actually do something that is good for the COUNTRY, and not some lobbyist/special interest group or PAC?

What are the true motivations of politicians?

Why do we keep electing these people?

O.R. "Tex" Graves
Tex Graves earned a Bachelor’s Degree in electronic engineering from DeVry Institute of Technology Chicago Campus, graduating first in his class in 1974. Prior to that, he served as a Radio Intercept Operator for four years in the United States Air Force Security Service. His duties during his enlistment included monitoring the Chinese as well as the Communist Bloc countries of Europe. As a result of this extensive experience, Tex has always been a techie with a professed lifelong interest in thermonuclear physics, specifically as it applies to sustained nuclear hot fusion. Tex currently lives on a homestead he calls Buzzard’s Roost in the Texas Hill Country with his wife Annie, and cat Pumpkin, who answers more readily to the name Piss-Ant.

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