I Talk To Dead People

I Talk To Dead People

‘I talk to dead people, and write books about dragons,’ Might seem a strange way to begin a factual article regarding psychics, and the way they are represented in books and films. Obviously dragons do not really exist, but those, who have had the benefit of what I do, when talking to dead people, have difficulty denying there is something going on. To an outside observer it would just appear as a normal conversation, about a third party, who was not present at the time. The actual mechanism is beyond my explanation. I do not share the views of traditional spiritualists around, ‘The world of the spirits,’ that is about as factual as a dragon. The only word I have that makes sense is awareness. If someone you know is stood behind you, you know they are there. I just do it with people who I never met, and are, currently, invisible to all those listening, including me. That is the honest, ‘this is how it is,’ Which hardly makes for riveting reading.

On my own spooky scale of weirdness I give this following report a five. It is a report, it happened. My day job is as a phone psychic. One evening I had a call from Kenya, I live in Wales (UK). The lady, who had a high level job in banking, i.e. Neither dumb, nor ignorant. She was concerned someone had tried to use black magic against her. I felt she was right, so I described her desk, the ornate window behind her, and, that if she looked she could see the place where the ju-ju shop was. About two hundred yards away, straight in front, when she looked through the semi circular window. Apparently this was the major ju-ju shop in Nairobi. I said, simply, ‘Leave it with me.’ Because that was all I wanted to say. She rang back the next evening. The wooden shop had burned to the ground overnight. All I had done was go to bed, and, the nearest word is prayed, but it was actually a request for her to be helped. So purely a co-incidence? Possibly, but why were all the other wooden shops in the connected row unaffected? Apparently the owner was on the scene quite quickly too, but could salvage nothing So, a well written, and researched, novel, or movie, would have this wonderful passage of describing someone going to sleep. Yes, the fire could make an intense, and thrilling, scene, but the medium was snoring, and probably louder than the crackling flames.

If you want to annoy me, use the word, ‘gift,’ or any of its variations, to describe psychic ability. I train others, it is something innate in us all if we choose to develop it. There is no sixth sense. It is simply a question of using the five senses we possess, but without a valid reason at the time they are being used, perhaps, ‘activated,’ might be the more appropriate word.

I was strutting my stuff at a church once, and mediums get through a lot of water during their performance. I took a sip, and tasted chlorine. I’m English, which means polite, so complaining would be out of the question. I took another sip, and the taste had intensified. My next thought was of an incident involving a family gathering where a lady had bleached the best china so it was sparkling, but forgot to rinse out the cups. More water, just a sip again, but just water this time. Describing the scene gave me the connection to whoever could remember the incident, and during those moments more details came through. When I work with an audience I usually come out with some crazy, off the wall statement, like, ‘Can anyone understand a cat that thought it was a dog.’ The best one I can think of right now was, ‘The duck from hell!’ The way that works is so only one person in the gathering can understand, so I can make the connection quickly. Most of the really good ones I apologise for not remembering. I say I don’t remember, because, in many ways, the words are not from my actual conscious thought processes. I verbalise a stream of awareness, I am aware it is the right thing to say. When I do actively think, because what is wished to be said by the stream is too crazy, even for me. I hear, ‘Say it!’ Three times usually sees me giving in; seldom is it not important to what is going on at the time.

Another incident it feels relevant to share is when someone called and I said, without them uttering a single word. ’I would love to give you a reading, but your own guides are telling me you wouldn’t listen: so, rather than waste my time, and your money, I’m hanging up.’ Click, brrrrrrrrrrrrr…. For the first week I was their most arrogant bastard on the planet. During the second they began to understand why what I had done made so much sense to them, personally, and what they were going through. After the third week they knew they could call back. They were a medium and psychic their self, and became a friend too. Yes, they got their reading, because their attitude had changed. It was no longer getting in the way of their own understanding.

So, all you fantastic authors, reading this, you might have a problem in relating the supernatural, to your readers, because, in all ways, it is perfectly natural. I do talk to dead people, or, more correctly, I am aware of their presence under certain circumstances. Those circumstances often include the Pizza counter of my local supermarket. I also write books, about non-existent dragons. I say non-existent, because this is a factual article, not an argument.

© Alan Stevens 18\02\2015

Alan Stevens
Psychic, Medium, Zen Buddhist, Author, of A Storm Of Dragons, A Brief Mystery Of Time. Haiku writer, Silent Voices contributor. Psychic choice radio regular Angelic realm visitor, Healer, Finder of lost keys, A-Ha Momentalist Own work ©

Alan Stevens… I talk to dead people, and write books about dragons. Do you have a problem with that?

It’s strange when I consider how relevant, but utterly irrelevant this biography is. I try to maintain a mindul presence, so what was past is just that, and without wishing on a future. Instead focussing on just the here and now. I’m me is hardly a riveting read, so here is the was me once, that in some ways contributed to the me I am.

I was born clever enough to be expelled from grammar school at 16. No qualifications, no hope. Home wasn’t very inviting, so I spent a while in a commune, in Cornwall. (It was the 70’s, be fair). I learned quickly what the real world, and boring jobs are all about. Further education seemed a reasonable escape, an added bonus being revenge on my old headmaster when I went to university.

Life seemed to settle down then, I worked in Local Government, mainly in slaughterhouses, as a meat inspector, for twenty odd years. I then become technical manager for a business where I was previously based for eleven years. It sounds important. At first most of my time was spent as a lavatory attendant for cattle. Big turds need a different approach, so instead of bleach, and brushes I used a pressure washer. However my main activity now is sampling cattle brains for BSE. I really am a manager though, as soon as there was a problem with the business, I’m asked my opinion, which is usually acted upon. So, in my own way, I moved on from being the original shit house oracle to the brains of the outfit.

That is one side of my life, a rough diamond. A jewel though has many facets, and I am no different to anyone else. I am also a medium and psychic, regularly giving services at Spiritualist churches in South Wales. My beliefs are important to me, so much so that faith has now become certainty. If anyone knows the truth about the after life it is dead people. I talk to them, those I have given messages to, tell me how accurate I am. Me, being me, I trained to do this because I wanted to know how it was done, and whether or not mediums were just very clever liars. I found out that many are, some, though, are honest. I’d rather say nothing, and look utterly stupid than lie to someone about a message from the spirit world.

The final proof I required came in the strangest of ways too. For a while I have been relaying messages from pets, and animals, which have passed to spirit. I have learned another meaning of compassion, and love from them. Something I wished to convey through my writing one day. When I reviewed my first novel I realised I already had.

Along the way I collected an ex wife, two daughters, and happy dog memories. Some times are good, some not so, but my philosophy is that there are two choices with life. End it, or get on with it. If you choose that, and you are unhappy with your lot then the only one who can make changes is yourself. For instance someone suggested I should write a book, I did. Then came the rejections from agents and publishers. My choice was to keep trying. If I have a gift, it is not an artistic streak, but may be just blind stubbornness.

There was a disaster a few years ago, which resulted in my entire posessions being the contents of a suitcase, and a medium sized box, while home was my daughter’s sofa. It took me a while to get back to a semblance of what others feel is required. During that time I focussed on meditation, and realised a lot, perhaps too much. Will it come out in my writing. Too right it will.

At the moment I am working on another book over at tablo, A Castle Of Sand, and, obviously, getting the plot for the second in the A Brief Mystery Of Time series. I think that will be titled Romer, And The Three Fold Lie.

I also write articles for Silent Voices ezine, Promocave and appear on the Psychic Choice, Spiritual Concepts internet radio show every Friday.
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