I Have Learned

I Have Learned

Apparently, when considering public attitudes to psychic ability, the general population breaks down into three, roughly equal sized, groups. Convicted believers, absolute non believers, and semi- interested, ‘There might be something in it but…’ The problem they have is that the only other views available to them come from the other two groups. I know too well that you can tell a believer anything, as long as they are convinced you have, ‘the gift.’ Does that make them bad people? Absolutely not, nor do I think the totally sceptic are evil, because, when it comes to purveying information concerning psychic effects; psychics are, too often, their own worst enemy, for instance.

At the time of writing this there is no scientifically accepted study showing the existence of near death experiences. Usually, and overly dramatically, capitalised as NDE. A recent series of observations conducted in London led the psychologist leading the study to conclude, ‘Awareness seems, at times, to exist outside the human body.’ That is what was said on the radio programme discussing the topic. It is probably the simplest way of expressing what I, personally, experience when doing my day job, that isn’t writing, I’m a psychic medium. A believer would immediately jump on the statement as total proof of the spirit world, while a sceptic might first harrumph, before pointing out that it did not give any scientific evidence of the phenomenon. Both are missing the point, and the cynics are conveniently forgetting Penicillin was discovered by observing an unexpected result from an unconnected experiment.

Yes, I know many reading this are thinking I am going to champion the believer’s viewpoint because of what I do.  Actually I’m going to champion the, ‘There might be…’ The main reason I went through the training, (it’s not a gift, believers, and it isn’t a cold reading technique, sceptics). Was because I worked out, very early on in the process, the only person I could trust was myself. That was the main motivation, at the time. It has changed as the years passed, although my personal approach to anything new is still, ‘I wonder how that works?’ I don’t know what happens to dead people, apart from the fact that their consciousness continues, I don’t know because I’m not dead, so don’t ask me. I could speculate, and, for a long time I accepted the general concept of the medium’s, ‘Spirit world.’ I now think that whole idea is utter, and, absolute, bunkum. I admit that is a very easy conclusion to jump to when someone first embarks down the road, and that’s the biggest problem with anyone in the field, in my opinion. Once they have made their first few, ‘connections,’ they stop looking at what is going on within their self. Mediumship drew me to studying, and practicing, Zen Buddhism, and meditation. Slowly, things began to make sense to me on a personal level.

According to the wise ones of my local Spiritualist church, it is impossible to conduct Mediumship over the internet. This jarred with the concept they were drumming into me about everything being, ‘spirit,’ and spirit requires a personal spirit, to spirit, interaction Simple me, thought if everything is one, ‘thing,’ it doesn’t matter where one is because the everything still applies. So I conducted the experiment to see which hypothesis (a long word, it just means idea) was right. It seemed I was, absolutely correctly, ‘The observations showed my hypothesis as being correct in this instance.’ I admit it isn’t a peer reviewed controlled series of tests. It was just me, doing what I do.

One of the things I used to do was study Biological science and animal pathology, at University level. I should, in all honesty, be the last person on the planet practicing Mediumship and psychic work. I have not lost the concept of approaching things from a scientific viewpoint. Science, is actually, a Philosophy. An idea, or hypothesis, is tested as being true by observing the results, (evidence) of experiments, which either support the hypothesis or not. I don’t mind being my own guinea pig. I also treat myself very humanely, don’t worry. It has taken me many experiments, and several failed hypotheses, traditional Spiritualism being the first to go, to arrive at what I now know to be true.

Now there is a bold statement for the cynics to leap on, and the believers to pooh pooh, considering my previous sentence about their spirit world. Only I can know what I have experienced, because only I was experiencing it. I cannot speak for those who have shared certain experiences with me, other than from the viewpoint of what actually happened at the time of their, ‘reading.’ Any psychic who professes to provide proof of, ‘Life After Death,’ may safely be ignored, just as any fervent sceptic who denies the existence of anything, ‘Supernatural.’ No one can provide proof, unless it is to yourself, and there is no supernatural force at work either, it is all perfectly natural, of course that is me speaking from my my own experience.

So, Dear, ‘There might be’s,’where  do you go for factual information? A good place to start might be a local Spiritualist church. Just take a supply of shark repellent, and never just say yes not to hurt someone’s feelings if they give you a reading. Listen closely, not only to what is being said, but how it is being said. A lot of mediums actually spend ninety per cent of their, ‘air time,’ broadcasting their self. If any are reading this, ‘Don’t do that!’ You will find you actually get more to give by taking yourself right out of the reading, and, if you can’t, consider retraining, or giving up.

Seekers need to keep an open mind, without simply accepting everything they are told on the subject. I’m a medium, psychic, and clairvoyant, if that’s not weird enough, I think the Atlantis myth is rubbish, while the Pyramids are a pile of rocks in a desert. As for the Bermuda Triangle a lot of what happens within it is vastly over-hyped. Why? Because this shit prints money for anyone in the field. Remember those three groups we began with? Thirty per cent of most populations will subscribe to these ideas to a greater or lesser degree. The spend on psychic readings in the UK alone was around £700 million a year a few years ago. It has risen since due to the economic turnaround. From my experience, and observation, the sceptic industry is just as bad in the way it approaches the subject. The evidence is out there, but evidence is not proof. Any author writing on their particular subject will insist they have proof, it will be emblazoned on the cover of their book somewhere. Authors are in a business, to make money, they are showmen, performers in a circus, and, quite often, clowns.

The Buddha teaches that we can only teach our self. There are many ways of interpreting that statement, and, for many years, my interpretation was utterly wrong. I carried on seeking for a truth I thought others could teach, when I stopped, and listened to myself, my own inner voice is when everything changed. It all made sense. I have my proof, and grand unifying theory. It all makes sense but only for me. Buddha, however, does not seek converts, only an open mind. Keeping my mind open was the only path I found, and I recommend it to anyone else.

Alan Stevens
Psychic, Medium, Zen Buddhist, Author, of A Storm Of Dragons, A Brief Mystery Of Time. Haiku writer, Silent Voices contributor. Psychic choice radio regular Angelic realm visitor, Healer, Finder of lost keys, A-Ha Momentalist Own work ©

Alan Stevens… I talk to dead people, and write books about dragons. Do you have a problem with that?

It’s strange when I consider how relevant, but utterly irrelevant this biography is. I try to maintain a mindul presence, so what was past is just that, and without wishing on a future. Instead focussing on just the here and now. I’m me is hardly a riveting read, so here is the was me once, that in some ways contributed to the me I am.

I was born clever enough to be expelled from grammar school at 16. No qualifications, no hope. Home wasn’t very inviting, so I spent a while in a commune, in Cornwall. (It was the 70’s, be fair). I learned quickly what the real world, and boring jobs are all about. Further education seemed a reasonable escape, an added bonus being revenge on my old headmaster when I went to university.

Life seemed to settle down then, I worked in Local Government, mainly in slaughterhouses, as a meat inspector, for twenty odd years. I then become technical manager for a business where I was previously based for eleven years. It sounds important. At first most of my time was spent as a lavatory attendant for cattle. Big turds need a different approach, so instead of bleach, and brushes I used a pressure washer. However my main activity now is sampling cattle brains for BSE. I really am a manager though, as soon as there was a problem with the business, I’m asked my opinion, which is usually acted upon. So, in my own way, I moved on from being the original shit house oracle to the brains of the outfit.

That is one side of my life, a rough diamond. A jewel though has many facets, and I am no different to anyone else. I am also a medium and psychic, regularly giving services at Spiritualist churches in South Wales. My beliefs are important to me, so much so that faith has now become certainty. If anyone knows the truth about the after life it is dead people. I talk to them, those I have given messages to, tell me how accurate I am. Me, being me, I trained to do this because I wanted to know how it was done, and whether or not mediums were just very clever liars. I found out that many are, some, though, are honest. I’d rather say nothing, and look utterly stupid than lie to someone about a message from the spirit world.

The final proof I required came in the strangest of ways too. For a while I have been relaying messages from pets, and animals, which have passed to spirit. I have learned another meaning of compassion, and love from them. Something I wished to convey through my writing one day. When I reviewed my first novel I realised I already had.

Along the way I collected an ex wife, two daughters, and happy dog memories. Some times are good, some not so, but my philosophy is that there are two choices with life. End it, or get on with it. If you choose that, and you are unhappy with your lot then the only one who can make changes is yourself. For instance someone suggested I should write a book, I did. Then came the rejections from agents and publishers. My choice was to keep trying. If I have a gift, it is not an artistic streak, but may be just blind stubbornness.

There was a disaster a few years ago, which resulted in my entire posessions being the contents of a suitcase, and a medium sized box, while home was my daughter’s sofa. It took me a while to get back to a semblance of what others feel is required. During that time I focussed on meditation, and realised a lot, perhaps too much. Will it come out in my writing. Too right it will.

At the moment I am working on another book over at tablo, A Castle Of Sand, and, obviously, getting the plot for the second in the A Brief Mystery Of Time series. I think that will be titled Romer, And The Three Fold Lie.

I also write articles for Silent Voices ezine, Promocave and appear on the Psychic Choice, Spiritual Concepts internet radio show every Friday.
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