Global Warming

Every time I hear a story about CLIMATE CHANGE it is couched in such a way as to imply that humans are the sole cause.

Well, that’s just not true. The climate of the earth has been changing from the time it was created eons ago. i.e. multiple ice ages, multiple periods of hotter than usual, and colder than usual, all without the help of human waste.

Only human arrogance would believe that humans can control the weather/climate.

If the environmentalist want to be taken seriously, then quit suggesting that everything in the weather is the fault of human actions. Acknowledge and point out that the weather is going to change no matter what we do. It is! Accept that!

The correct narrative on climate change is that humans are the dirtiest creatures on the planet. The filth that we have created and live in is harming and killing us. We need to clean it up. However, regardless of whether or not we clean up our act, the weather and climate is still going to change.

Can we do a better job at being efficient, less wasteful, cleaner? Of course we can! Is it important? Of course it is! So why can’t that discussion stand on its own merits? Why does it have to be sensationalized, hyped, and rolled into the ‘global climate change’ frenzy, implying that humans are the cause of everything concerning the climate?

Hypothetically, if we were successful in producing a perfectly clean environment, the climate would still change. Geologically speaking, we’re still just coming out of the last ice age. Geologic history has proved that. The best that we can hope for is to do the right thing, then adapt to whatever mother nature hands us.

As far as doing better, I find it interesting that none of the main stream environmental groups are promoting a REAL solution. i.e. FUSION ENERGY.

You want to stop all the carbon belching in the world? Fusion energy does it, WITHOUT HUGE AMOUNTS OF WASTE BY-PRODUCTS!

Why isn’t fusion energy in the news every day?

Why isn’t fusion energy the cover story of every main stream environmental group?

Why isn’t the U.S. taking the lead on developing fusion energy instead of farming it out to

What are the true motivations of the US and key players within?

There are other, more powerful interests at hand, that’s why. Can anyone say the word “OIL”?

O.R. "Tex" Graves
Tex Graves earned a Bachelor’s Degree in electronic engineering from DeVry Institute of Technology Chicago Campus, graduating first in his class in 1974. Prior to that, he served as a Radio Intercept Operator for four years in the United States Air Force Security Service. His duties during his enlistment included monitoring the Chinese as well as the Communist Bloc countries of Europe. As a result of this extensive experience, Tex has always been a techie with a professed lifelong interest in thermonuclear physics, specifically as it applies to sustained nuclear hot fusion. Tex currently lives on a homestead he calls Buzzard’s Roost in the Texas Hill Country with his wife Annie, and cat Pumpkin, who answers more readily to the name Piss-Ant.

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