Evolve your Creative Energy

Evolve your Creative Energy

My first article was ‘Encourage your Creative Energy’. I am sure all of us have embraced our creativity by now. Like every bird, creativity can rest in its nest only for a while. After that, it feels restless and yearns to spread its wings and conquer new skies. Vastness beckons and soul cherishes this challenge.

I published my first book of poems Inspire in December 2014. As I was editing my book, I was looking for assurance on the quality of my work. I felt it was decent, but that was my perspective. So I started looking for avenues to confirm my understanding.

I joined a few Linked In groups, poetry workshops – took the giant leap and shared a couple of my poems. As expected, I received a lot of feedback. They were encouraging and also pointed out many avenues of improvement. I resisted at first, to act on these comments. However, many comments were valid and enhanced my poem. I learnt to look beyond my thoughts and embrace what was best for the poem. The quality of work these poets showcased in these forums also changed my perspective.

I learnt poetry styles, importance of punctuation, enjambment, alliteration, assonance, etc. I learnt to ‘show’, not ‘tell’. I learnt some implicit best practices for poems and unconsciously took care of them as I wrote new poems. I read every poem aloud, multiple times, to see if the flow sounded smooth. I used to do this before – the forums confirmed that I was on the right track. Now I regularly submit for feedback, and improve based on the inputs I receive – keeping my poetic voice intact.

In every workshop, you need to contribute by giving feedback to other poets. I think its a great idea – one learns a lot, by giving suggestions. You need to go to the heart of the poem, the poet, assimilate as a reader when you give suggestions. Many of my suggestions were well received.

As I read, my thoughts expand on the way other poets think and write. Each of us is unique, we have our own experiences. The way our thoughts translate into poems is an interesting process. The variety of poems available to learn from, is amazing.

The goals are common in these forums – to learn, to excel, to encourage, and to help each other grow. There is great maturity – we all know there is enough space for each of us. We are not competitors, we are stars and each of us is shining in the common sky.

I learnt about opportunities for online submission. There were many sites, publications that encouraged poets to submit their work. I was not aware of such opportunities being available, prior to this. I started submitting my poems to them. I got politely rejected by a few, and accepted by others. I accept each rejection with a pinch of salt and each acceptance brings a glimmer of joy. Both encourage me to try harder. The intent to learn, to excel myself is a strong motivator.

Every day I take baby steps towards my poetic passion and endeavor. I try to write daily. Some days are harder than the rest – my mind seems to draw a blank and it remains a blank canvas for that day. On other days, thoughts compete to come first and make their presence felt.

During this journey, one day, Promocave as a platform, entered my life. A selfless endeavor, it opened up avenues. My Twitter account is now active, where I share what I write regularly. I am expanding my horizon to write articles – a different genre from writing poems. Promocave reminds me every day the importance of writing. It my peer buddy and does not allow me to escape by taking the easy way out – of not writing.

Technology has bridged the gap of distances, cultures and made learning easier and accessible. I hope you succeed in evolving your creative energy.



Vijaya Gowrisankar
I published my first book of poems "Inspire" last year. The book contains 111 poems on various topics like Life, Change, Positivity, Nature, etc.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/8182535638
Cyberwit.net: http://www.cyberwit.net/publications/733
Amazon India: http://www.amazon.in/dp/8182535638
Flipkart: http://www.flipkart.com/inspire-book-poems-english/p/itme39hqmhnfxxpe?pid=9788182535633

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