Encourage your Creative Energy

Encourage your Creative Energy

As I write this article, I ask myself “Why should someone spend their precious time to read this?” I attempt to give you a glimpse of my journey to help you find yours.

Last year, I felt restless. My creative energy was ready to pen thoughts in words. I started writing – revisiting my childhood passion to write poems. I wrote everyday – from one to five poems a day, rough drafts, short pieces to long elaborate imagery poems, on different topics.

During this time, I was more sensitive to my surroundings. I saw a lot of negative energy flowing around me. Challenges of life overwhelming people. As I wrote, I became calmer, more grounded – the restless energy was finding its release. There was a lot I wanted to express, and words helped me weave them into images and poems. My words were simple, my flow easy to read and interpret.

As I revised my poems, I felt the urge to publish my book. I had never thought about this and it was never in my focus. It was not pre-planned – it just happened. Journey of proof-reading, finding a publisher to holding the first copy in my hand was eye-opening. I was lucky to find a very supportive publisher in cyberwit.net.

The more challenging task remains to reach out to a larger audience. My work reached a few of my friends, who liked my poems. I am positive that it will leave a lasting impact and make a difference to their lives. The intent is to inspire my readers and share what inspires me.

There is increased awareness of physical health around us. Drives to reduce obesity, increase fitness – programs like marathons are organized to encourage physical fitness. I like Guy Winch’s Ted video (“Why we all need to practice emotional first aid”) about emotional health. We owe it to ourselves, to invest in our emotional health, just like we do for financial security and physical health.

Life is a chess board where mind controls the moves against circumstances, change and challenges. Embarking on a creative journey frees our mind. When we release our deepest fears or write our deepest thoughts, the intensity of the emotion decreases – it becomes manageable. Release could be writing, painting, composing music, singing, dancing, pottery, arts, etc. – any creative area of interest. A hobby that helps emotions find an expression.

I write every day. It has become a habit over past 8 months. I am thinking of my next book this year, if I continue to write good poems.

I encourage everyone to find their creative space. It is very satisfying and improves self-esteem and self-worth. Each of us seek appreciation in life. Self-appreciation and knowing one’s value is the foundation to reduce insecurities. Each of us are creative in our own way. Many great authors and motivational speakers suggest journaling – a way to express and write down our deepest thoughts – goals, dreams and track them to success.

Each of us are unique, with our own strengths balanced by weaknesses. Self-acceptance is a primary stepping stone to success. All great people have high level of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

This requires exploring one’s interest area, nurturing the passion every day. Seeds of interest, nourished with time, effort and enthusiasm will bloom into a wonderful plant.

A few words, for each of you, who read this article

“Caged in shell of one’s own making

A world defined by self-inflicted bounds

Like a peacock, who refuses to spread its feathers

Unaware of joy of dancing, uninhibited in rain


Spread your wings to feel droplets of freedom

Colour your canvas in hues of your choice

One life to explore, let bed of thorns soothe

Release protected pearl, to find its identity –– as masterpiece”


I have found my creative space. I hope you find yours.

Vijaya Gowrisankar
I published my first book of poems "Inspire" last year. The book contains 111 poems on various topics like Life, Change, Positivity, Nature, etc.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/8182535638
Cyberwit.net: http://www.cyberwit.net/publications/733
Amazon India: http://www.amazon.in/dp/8182535638
Flipkart: http://www.flipkart.com/inspire-book-poems-english/p/itme39hqmhnfxxpe?pid=9788182535633
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