Don’t Let Your Tweets Die

Don’t Let Your Tweets Die

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Tweets by 500%


This is might not be new for you, but the life of a tweet is very short, so short than you have to look for ways to expand the visibility of it on your timeline.  You’re probably wondering how short is the life of a tweet? What I can tell you is there it’s approximately four times shorter than a Facebook and a LinkedIn post. The life of a tweet is around 24 minutes, the most engagement that it will have is around the first 3 hours.

Dont Let your tweets die PromocaveIf you’re planning to promote your books, product, service or company by twitter, keep in mind that you have to look for new ways to expand the reach of your tweets and lifespan of each of one of them. Remember that your goal is for your tweets to generate more interactions. Interactions equal branding, leads, and sales., Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a twitter follower. for one moment think that you’re your follower. Imagine that you follow more than a one thousand accounts and each second all of those accounts generate one tweet. It would be impossible to keep up with one thousand tweets per second.  This is why you need to extend the life of your tweets.  Here are five strategies to extend the life of your tweets and get up to 500% more visibility per tweet.

Don’t Let Your Tweets Die: Here Are 5 Tips to Extend the Life Of Your Tweets by 500%

  1. Include Hashtags. Tweets with hashtags have morelifespan, it increases the possibility of your tweet to be seen seen by over 50%, but remember to keep it to a maximum of three hashtags per tweet. More than three and you’ll make your tweet into a commercial.
  2. Includean image, infographic or video. Visual content is more relevant on any social channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) that regular content. It is very important to include hashtags in your tweets because it’s more likely that people will share your tweet with their followers.
  3. Same meaning, different tweet. Always make two or more versions of your tweet, this will help you measure the effectiveness of your tweet and help you take better decisions when youset up your tweeter goals.
  4. Length of your tweets. In past years it was very important to leave some time between your tweets for your followers to share and retweet. Now Twitter lets you retweet with a comment. It gives you and extra 116 characters so you can do more interactions with your tweet. You can add a hashtag, a comment or even your own publicity.
  5. Call to Action (CTA). Always add a call to action. This can be to interact with you, to click on a link or to see a video.  You now have the attention of your follower, what’s next? It’s important to lead people to your comfort zone. This can be your blog, website, YouTube channel or a landing page. If what you want is retweets to reach more peple, ask for a retweet.

You have to adapt your strategy depending on your goals and always remember to measure the results. It is easy to get more from each tweet if you follow the five simple strategies listed in the article.

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Enrique Gonzalez
Social Media Manager at Promocave
I'm a Project Manager and Social Media Specialist at Here I help more than 150,000 authors promote their books using online marketing, social media and publicity. I Work with authors all day every day and is very passionate about books and writers. All authors can upload and promote their book for free in I'm helping managing the group on LinkedIn Books and writers where you can learn valuable information if you're an author and/or want to publish your book.
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