A lesson In Self Confidence

A lesson In Self Confidence

Darren Scanlon promocaveMy story is not, I imagine, unique in any way but it is what it is. It all started back in 1981 at the tender age of sixteen when I wrote my very first poem called Please Explain, (http://wp.me/P4UPc5-bh). I wrote it as a bit of self-indulgence, I suppose, asking questions that I suppose many of that age were asking. One thing led to another and before long I had a collection building.

These poems were never for others to read, you understand and whilst that may seem weird to you, this is where my nemesis, ‘Mr. No Self Confidence’ comes into the picture. I liked the poems enough to keep writing them and they became, in my opinion back then, more daring and creative as time rolled on but, and it’s the proverbial BIG BUT, I was sure that nobody else would like them and as such I kept them to myself.

Fast-forward to 2009 and I find myself in a hospital bed suffering from my second bout of pneumonia. Now, pneumonia on its own is a bit of a challenge to say the least but as I had survived it once already, the year before, I knew it was possible although a little hit-and-miss. What made it more interesting is my ‘complex medical history’ as my consultants used to refer to it, rather sweetly I thought. What that meant was that I was already signed up for COPD, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnoea, Chronic Psoriasis, Depression and a Partridge in a pear tree. I made it out intact again, as you can see, but I had had two or three very narrow escapes I was told by said consultants.

It was whilst I was laid up in the hospital that I sent a rather long and comical text message to my sister poking fun at the NHS and the way hospital life looked from the patients point of view. The message obviously struck some sort of chord with her and she started suggesting that I should write a book about my escapades. Obviously I scoffed at the idea but kept the text message safe…well you never know.

My sister was not about to let me off the hook so easily and she continued to push for me to write a book, especially after she had read my poetry, which I had finally released to my family to much acclaim. This was to be expected, I thought to myself, they are biased.

Half way though 2013 I finally gave in and started writing what was to become my debut novel, Hey Up, Matron! (http://wp.me/P4UPc5-5k), which I self-published on 25th December that same year. Looking back over the experience I realised that I had enjoyed myself and soon realised I had been bitten by writing bug.

There was nothing else for it; so I blew Mr. No Self Confidence a kiss goodbye and set to publishing my first volume of poetry, Positively Poetic Vol I, (http://wp.me/P4UPc5-61). I have, at the time of writing this, published three adult novels, two children’s books and four volumes of poetry.

I now spend my days, depending on what my daily health level allows, juggling my way through the wonderful world of PR and publicity whilst writing book three of my Danny Roberts thriller series and writing poems. It’s a full time vocation and then some but you know what…It’s a labour of love!

Looking back over the years, knowing what I know now, I seriously regret not publishing my work sooner. I know that self-publishing has only come about over the last ten years or so but even that would have placed me in a much better position, (before my health gave out), and who knows where I would have been by now. But, cest la vie.

Below are my published books to date, all available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback:


For full details of my work please visit my blog: darrenscanlon.wordpress.com


Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon was born in 1965 and still lives in Lancashire in the English Northwest.

A typical 'northern lad', his ‘tell it like it is’, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humour and writing style have earned him 5 Star Ratings on Amazon.

His poetry, which he has been writing since the age of 16, is published on many websites including Write Here and High On Poems where he has recieved great reviews:

"We at High On Poems are blessed to have found such a treasure as you in our midst. Your poetry is thought provoking and shakes one up. You obviously are a powerful wielder of words!"

His work to date includes:

Hey Up, Matron! His debut novel which is a laugh-out-loud, roller-coaster ride through a day in the life of a NHS hospital ward from the point of view of the long-suffering patients and based on his own real-life experiences.

Broken Angel and Broken Wings. The first two books into his gritty crime/gangster thriller Danny Roberts Series.

Positively Poetic Vol’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. Four volumes into his on-going poetry collections.

A Mouse’s Tale. An illustrated children’s novel, (based on one of his own poems of the same name).

Alphabet Zoo. An illustrated children’s educational ABC book.

He is currently working on his latest novel, book 3 of Danny Roberts thriller series.

Future projects include, Way Back When, which is a comical look at childhood and how things have change, (not necessarily for the better), between the ‘now’ and back in the 1970’s when he was a lad.

Also an illustrated children’s poetry collection and another illustrated ABC book.

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