A Glass of Wine

A Glass of Wine

A Glass of Wine, Beach Lounge Chair, Relaxation & A Recording Device – This Authors Self Care!

By Ingrid Geronimo

A Glass of Wine Article Promocave FineWineSay what you will about fine wine and its benefits but one thing I know from firsthand experience is that a glass of wine will relax muscles in a way that many other methods may not. Why do you think I referred to it as “fine”? Yes, I know that it’s an adage out there in the world but I take creative license to use it in any way I want.

I’m not a wino but I do enjoy a glass of wine when I feel I need one or two. Luckily, that is not that often as I’ve learned to really catch those moments when stress is trying to get the best of me and just talk myself through it. I’ve never had any issues with drugs or alcohol either but I digress.

There are many things that are the direct result of stress but one that isn’t often thought of is what many writers call “writers block”.

As an author, I know that stress inhibits the productive flow of creative expression. It can feel as if your thoughts have been whisked toward a storm of chaos that can only be quelled by sleep or something like a glass or two of wine.

Yes, sleep! Another one of those human necessities that serves to help decrease the stress levels that you might be experiencing at any point in your life. Yet, when you’re stressed out sleep is the first thing that seems to escape you.  Yet, something magical seems to happen. Thoughts begin to form into a pattern and coherence between thoughts forms into phrases. Sentences begin to come alive and all I need do is to grab my computer or pen and paper, etc. and begin to capture them.

I find that during those most stressful times the well of creativity overflows during the wee hours of the morning. It’s as if the thoughts are calling me to awaken and acknowledge their existence. if I don’t capture them at that time then I am left trying to remember them in the morning when the bouts of cat naps break their temporary hold as the alarm reminds me that I must go to work.

A Glass of Wine Article Promocave  LoungeChairYou see, creativity flows best when we are relaxed and thoughts can flow freely without the pull of the average daily impediments to free thinking.

Which leads to the purpose of this article and something every good writer already knows. Self-care is very important for every author or creative. When you are able to be engage with your inner thoughts, your inner dialogs seems to be the time when inspiration comes through. However, you can’t connect with your inner thoughts and dialog if the stresses of the world have pulled you into their whirlwind. You may have to work a day job that you do or don’t love. The fact still remains that at those times when you can relax your inner most thoughts, inspirations and even story characters pop into mind and begin to massage you back toward allowing that well of creativity to flow through.

Thus having a recording device handy is so important regardless of whether you’re in your car, on a train, or at home with white noise (the tv, etc.) in the background. When those creative juices get flowing, you must capture them. A good chapter is always around the bend right in between sleep and awakening to the next day.

So, catch your Z’s and get as much rest as you can remembering that inspiration breaks through during those quiet times when you are truly feeling rested and choosing to take good care of yourself.

A Glass of Wine Article Promocave  SleepMaskThe world is waiting for you to share your inner world with them and to bring them new perspectives of the lives we all live.

Take time to head to the beach with your lounge chair, your glass of wine, prepared to relax and, with you handy recording device ready to capture any thought that may be trying to express into your style and form through your writing.

With the ready access to the recording device on your smartphone, you’re no longer able to say that you don’t own a recording device. In addition to that, almost every device has some type notepad or other writing application. So, rest up, take time to sip some wine and then go write!

Author Bio:

Ingrid Geronimo is an author, spiritual Sherpa and intuitive who loves to write, read and provide spiritual guidance. She has coached entrepreneurs and individuals in areas relative to finding their purpose, creating a business out of their passion and strategies for success in life and business matters.  Ingrid’s first book “Get Out of My Head, Eliminate Limiting Self Talk and Create the Life You Want Now” has become a favorite amongst clients and workshop attendees. Her most recent book, “I DECIDE! How to Make Decisions to get what you want is part of her “Your Blended Self” e-book series available on Amazon Kindle. She has also written articles aimed to inspire and reconnect you to your natural magic and has led workshops and provided readings, Reiki and other spiritual treatments to those seeking her services.  For more information about Ingrid, her books and her workshops visit www.ingridgeronimo.com.

Ingrid Geronimo
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  1. Angela Gascoigne 3 years ago

    I know that feeling. I love waking up early and having to write down all the ideas in my head. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often. I will definitely try using the voice recorder on my phone too. Great idea!

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