4 Easy Steps to your Booksummary Tagline Elevatorpitch Promoblurb

4 Easy Steps to your Booksummary Tagline Elevatorpitch Promoblurb

90,000 Words to tell the story. 400 words to sell it with. Here are 4 Easy Steps to Creating your Book Summary, Tagline, Elevator Pitch and Promo Blurb.

You’ve crafted 90,000, more or less, beautiful words. The story they tell has consumed you for some time now. Beyond those 90,000 words you know back stories, side stories, world histories, secrets, and amazing characters and scenes who didn’t quite make the final cut.

You have so much information to convey. And yet, when it comes down to it, you have approximately 400 words to convey it in. But really, in those 400 words that sell your book and convince readers to buy it, it’s less about all that information, and very much more, about feeling.

Whether it be the 2 sentence elevator pitch you give at a party to the inevitable “What’s your book about?”; the “Back Jacket” summary where you get to shine in circa 250 word glory; or that one sentence tagline Hollywood will use when they make the movie :); follow the steps below and you’re covered.

Covered Below are Step by Step Instructions for Your:

1) 250 Word “Back Jacket” Book Summary

2) 3 Sentence Tagline

3) 4 Sentence Elevator Pitch

4) 100 Word Power Promo

The Key Thing with ALL of the above, is not how much information you pack in, but how reading them makes your potential reader FEEL.

NB – All rules are meant to be broken, especially if you’re self publishing, so word and sentence counts are a guide to make things easy, and were not set in stone at the beginning of time.


STEP ONE – 250 Word “Back Jacket” Book Summary

The book summary is broken up into 5 key parts. And conveniently, once you have these, you also have almost everything you need for your Promo Blurb, Tagline and Elevator Pitch. I’ve used my novel RIISE as the example text for each step. All you need do is fill in each section with the details of your own book.

Section 1) A Setting – Set the Scene
Drop the Reader into the World, Character and Scenery. How does the Reader FEEL in this scenery?

On present day earth, there are a handful of Black Ops that very few, even those with the highest level of security clearance, will ever know about. You and I are certainly never supposed to know about them. SIIREN5 is one of these. And this is it’s story.

Cooper is the best OffWorld Black Ops Agent our world has ever known. He returns now with Riise, the most coveted asset in the known worlds, the last known Siiren to walk among us. The only being with the ability to open the Veil Portal, now aligned with Earth’s 33rd Ley Line, to the Other Cosmos.

Section 2) A Revelation/Conspiracy – Reveal Something
Conspiracy. Revelation. Even on a small level.
How will this make the Reader FEEL?

“But here on Earth things are not as they seem. And Cooper is about to have every illusion of his life, his government and his world shattered.

Riise has already been maligned, segregated, abused, kidnapped, tortured. In a cosmos holding the lush, throbbing female sexuality of the divine to ransom, can we really expect a Siiren to open anything for us?

And the way she makes him feel, would Cooper ever be able to turn her in, no matter what the consequences?”

Section 3) A Conflict – Show Grave Consequence on the Horizon
There are others out there. With powers seemingly greater than our own and/or conflicting views.
How will this make the Reader FEEL?

“For the question must be asked, just who exactly are those in power expecting to come through anyway?

Our Makers? Nephliim, Angels, Siirens, Ancient Astronauts, Demi-Gods? They closed the door on us long ago. Let them through, and do they aid us or destroy us?”

Section 4) The Scope – Outline the Scope of the Story
Small town or cosmic wide? A love story focussed on the interactions of 1 or 2 main characters? A deeply laid, multi-world conspiracy? Who are the other stakeholders in this tale?
How will this make the Reader FEEL?

“Played out on Earth, against a Cosmic backdrop of deeply laid plots, secret players, forbidden worlds and unlikely alliances”

Section 5) A Philosophy – Tell a Greater Truth
What greater truth are you telling? Every story – light, mid weight or heavy – has one.
What curiosity will be satisfied in the reader by the telling of this tale?

“Riise will shatter your beliefs about who and what we think we are, and what those in control have planned for us.”

And you’re done! To see the finished product of the example above, click here 


STEP TWO –  Your 3 Sentence Tagline
One of the most exciting things about your plot
One key unique thing about one of your characters.
(You’ll find you’ve already written both these things when you “Set the Scene” in your Book Summary above).
Now, Convey how the reader will FEEL reading this book.

“The Blackest of Ops. The Most Coveted Asset in the Cosmos. Remember to sleep and breathe.”


STEP THREE – Your 4 Sentence Elevator Pitch

Your Tagline Sentence 1
Your Tagline Sentence 2
3 to 5 keywords (e.g. Love, Lust, Betrayal, Murder, Revenge)
Your Tagline Sentence 3, perhaps with even more spice.

“The Blackest of Ops. The Most Coveted Asset in the Cosmos. Action, adventure, Sex, Magic, Conspiracy. Keep calm and remember to sleep and breathe.”


STEP FOUR – Your 100 Word Promo Blurb

You see these often on marketing sites and in emails promoting multiple books. You need to covey the message of Your Back Jacket Book Summary in fewer words. And first you have to sell not only yourself as an author, but also what the experience of reading your book will be like.  All in 100 words or less. Not the easiest of things to do when you’re not a household name. Don’t be shy about yourself here. You need to stand out and be noticed!

Target YOUR reader/quote a review line. Introduce your genre. Introduce yourself & SELL yourself, nicely of course. You can always quote what someone else has said in this bit too.
Introduce your Story
Introduce the Conflict
Introduce the Cast.
Close with your Elevator Pitch
Ask for the sale or pre-order

“Like your Urban Fantasy to ride like a roller coaster? Riise is the stunning debut novel by Sarah Sofia Delaunay. The story of SIIREN5, the blackest of Black Ops, and OffWorld Agent, Cooper, returning home to earth with the most coveted asset in the cosmos. But Cooper is about to have every illusion of his life, his government and his world shattered. And the way this asset makes him feel, could he ever turn her in? Played out on Earth, against a Cosmic backdrop of deeply laid plots, secret players, forbidden worlds and unlikely alliances, keep calm while reading, and remember to sleep and breathe. Pre-order now.”

And there you have it. Your core marketing material is done!

When you’re self publishing you simply have no choice but to get your head around the marketing side of the business.  I’ve had experience in sales and copywriting and I like the process of nutting out how various elements are done. This certainly helped me and I hope it helps you too.


Sarah Sofia Delaunay
Author – RIISE

Sarah Sofia Delaunay
Sarah Sofia Delaunay is the Author of RISE Siren5. A Sexy Sci-fi Thriller, with little gems of esoteric knowledge and social commentary hidden in its depths. Her writing is fast paced, sensual and evocative, with a good smattering of sex and conspiracy.

Sarah lives in Byron Bay and has her own cyborg body part - a titanium steel femur bone from a broken leg in a jiu jitsu comp. She has studied all manner of things both locally and overseas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Anthropology. RISE Siren5 is her debut novel.
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